e-Coaching et Apprentissage des Langues
Project number: 2015-1-FR01-KA204-015334

letters-565098_640Self-directed learning has been described as a process where learners are responsible owners and managers of their own learning process. Self-directed learning integrates self-management (management of the context, including the social setting, resources, and actions) with self-monitoring (the process whereby the learners monitor, evaluate and regulate their cognitive learning strategies).
The Internet has widely improved the possibilities for self-directed L2 language learning by giving access to a boundless amount of OER Open Educational Resources accessible ubiquitously, 24/24. These are training materials expressly developed for L2 learning based on e-books, videos, webinars, MOOCs, Apps and other specific software, available for free or for a small fee, Additionally, the web allows free access to written texts, videos and TV and radio programs in many different languages developed for native language speakers that can be used directly by intermediate and advanced L2 learners. Finally, thanks to Skype and social media, direct interaction with teachers, other learners and native speakers has become easier and cheaper. From and educational point of view, the Internet has widened the possibilities for not formal and informal learning and for individualized learning strategies, as well as for self-directed learning.student-1178024_960_720_crSome learners are able to find their way and benefit by themselves of this large amount of resources, while others needs to be guided and supported in the process, hence the need for a L2Learning Supporter (L2LS).
This project wants to explore and promote the role of the L2 Learning Supporter using the web based OER. The project will develop a methodology and a Guide on supporting L2 self-directed learning with web based OER. Other IO will be a Report in the state of the art on supporting L2 self-directed learning by using web based OER, two E-training courses based on the Guide (one addressed to L2 Learning Supporters and the other one to L2 learners), a website for supporting L2 self-directed learning.
This project is submitted by a network of four L2 training providers based in FR, DE, IT, UK, plus two ‘technical’ partners specialized in E-learning and use of the internet for education (AT and PL).
Thanks to the project, 240 trainers and 320 L2 adult learners will be trained to use the methodology. Additional 200 trainers and 400 L2 adult learners will use the project website developed for supporting of L2 self-directed learning. Additionally, over 15000 people belonging to the target groups will be informed about the project.
Long term benefits will be an improved use of OER by L2 trainers and L2 adult learners, both producing an improvement in L2 learning and diffusion.